The benefits of spiritual counseling.

Los beneficios de la consejería espiritual.

The benefits of spiritual counseling.

Are there many who wonder what has to do with mental health with spirituality?

 For many years they have been investigated about the relationship between the two and they are very related to what many could imagine.

According to this research, it has been very clear to mental health professionals that spiritual tranquility is very important for many people. And with this great achievement, many therapists, are already intergrando, the spirituality in their clinical therapies.

Here we are covering all the basic aspects of the sperm counseling. Considering also the many differences between religion and spirituality, always looking for how this practice of psychotherapy and science differs.

Although many discuss the differences between the advisory espeirtual and the mental health of an individual, and so look for a good advisor, for every problem, that people have.

We can tell you that spiritual counseling goes beyond the traditional forms of psychotherapy, so as to have a way to take advantage of what is religion or the daily life of a person.

Being its primary objective the techniques or religious practices, or esperituales. In general, these techniques should always be carried by a health professional, who has their licenses in order, or psychologist or social worker, or even a nurse, because they have done a training.

In addition many spiritual counselors also have knowledge about theology.


We offer you spiritual advice online. Today many people are full of problems and worries, leading to despair, emotional. These problems can be caused by many things.

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